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Here are a few Training Highlights:

1. A More Simplified Method of Making Yoghurt
2. New Twists to Greek Yoghurt and Parfait Production
3. Myths About Yoghurt Production
4. Superb Strategies for Converting Leads to Sales
5. Identifying Who Your Customers Really Are
6. Understanding How to Reach Them
7. Food Safety Tips in Yoghurt Production
8. How to Make Commercial Yoghurt for Great Profiting
9. How to Preserve Your Yoghurt EspeciallyWhen Supplying to Stores
10. How to Make Yoghurts That Cure 18 Different Ailments
11. How to Produce Different NON DIARY Yoghurt (Oat, Tiger Nut, Soya, Wheat, Yoghurt)
12. How to Make Granola and Toppings for Parfait
13. How to make Yoghurt Popsicles
14. How to Set Up a Mini or Ultra-Modern Factory Based on Your Financial Capacity
15. How to Get Nafdac Registration Number with Ease
16. How to Do Your Costing for Your Next Event Supplies
17. Knowing and Maximizing Your Position in the Yoghurt Value Chain